get summer ready

Summer is almost here, and we have 5 tips and tricks to help you get prepped for summer fun, while keeping your hair and skin healthy, moisturized, and free of damage.

1. SUNSCREEN: Wear sunscreen, all day, every day. Wearing sunscreen is our favorite tip to keeping the sun’s damaging rays at bay. We love our daily light guard™ defense fluid, because it protects skin from UVB and UVA rays, its dermatologist tested and non-acnegenic, so it wont clog pores and it works for all skin types. It also has kukui seed oil so it helps your skin strengthen its natural barrier, to help protect you from every day pollutants,  while ginger extracts help defend against free radical damage. It glides on effortlessly and a little goes a long way, so its easy to add to your morning routine.

2. PROTECT FROM SUN: Spending a day out in the sun?  Protect your hair and prevent premature hair color fading with our sun care protective hair veil. This lightweight, water resistant UV defense mist forms an invisible barrier on the hair that protects from sun exposure, and minimizes damage and dryness. Wintergreen, coconut oils, and cinnamon bark oils help protect and moisturize to minimize damage and dryness. Start with a light mist on wet or dry hair, and lightly reapply as needed throughout the day.

3. PROTECT FROM WATER: Spending a day at the pool? Misting on a lightweight leave in conditioner on damp hair can be just the ticket to creating a barrier between your hair and harsh pool chemicals, or salt water. Simply apply your favorite leave-in conditioner (we LOVE sun care protective hair veil for this, too) to towel dried hair (dry hair works too, but damp hair works best). We like pulling hair back into a high bun or braid to keep even more damage at bay. Make sure to mist on your leave-in conditioner lightly throughout the day, for added protection and moisture. When you’re done with your pool day, make sure to rinse hair thoroughly, and apply an after sun masque for the best results.

4. CLEANSE: Okay, so your pool day is over, now its time to restore hair and body with our sun care hair and body cleanser. This formula is designed to be a one stop shop for hair and body, with gentle cleaners that remove chlorine, salt, and product residue. Our tamanu oil and organic coconut oil help maintain your hair and skin’s moisture balance. You’ll love the smell too, our organic neroli and ylang ylang bring the spa to your shower, every time you use it!

5. RESTORE: Lets face it, we’re gonna be in the sun, and we’re gonna like it. So when we’ve over-exposed our hair, its important to help it get back to balance with our restorative sun care after-sun hair masque. It has certified organic coconut oil that helps intensely moisturize for sun-exposed hair. Our morikue™  protein helps restore weakened hair, and it all comes in a creamy, rich consistency that smells DIVINE with certified organic neroli, ylang ylang, cistus and other pure flower and plant essences.