Little Bit Salty.. Little Bit Sweet

A Little Bit Salty… A Little Bit Sweet…

And no, I’m not talking about me! I’m talking about Aveda’s new salty sweet Texture Tonic, an amazing little bottle of product that packs a major punch, for all hair types. Seriously. Rarely does it happen that a product is launched that I can use on everyone, and get amazing results every time. This is the case with Texture Tonic.

The magic of Texture Tonic is in its unique formula. Unlike most salt sprays, which can leave the hair feeling crunchy or dried out, Texture Tonic is 94% naturally dervived, and the organic cane sugar is the magic wand that keeps your hair soft and touchable, while the salt does its wavy beachy texture-y job. Another piece of this puzzle is the addition of babassu nut oils, which gives it a conditioning quality, but also adds another layer of texture to the mix. Wanna talk science with me? The cane sugar acts as a natural humectant, which helps pull moisture from the surroundings to keep hair feeling conditioned, while the magnesium sulfate (salt) helps to contract and compress the hair, to slightly enhance natural waves for instant piecey texture on all hair types. (Yes, even you fine haired ladies.) Texture Tonic is free of all parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, animal ingredients, and synthetic fragrance, so its a product you can feel good about using. Pro tip: I love using this on my 4 year old son’s super fine hair, it adds just enough grit and texture to show off his hair cut.

Did I mention it smells AMAZING, and I wish it was a body spray (I’m looking at you, Aveda!) The certified organic ginger, ylang ylang, clary sage and other pure flower and plant essences, give a uniquely subtle spicy floral aroma that is enough to keep my nose buried in the bottle just a little too long…

Best part? There are several ways to use it, and all of them give gorgeous results.

Beachy, Effortless Texture: Apply by lightly misting texture tonic all over your damp hair, especially the midlengths and ends. Start with a just a few spritzes, then gently squeeze the product in to your hair using your hands. Allow hair to air dry. (Great for all hair textures/types, AMAZING for wavy hair)

Casual BlowoutOn damp hair, spritz Texture Tonic all over, along with your favorite thermal protectant. (I like a little Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair or Brilliant Damage Control Spray) Follow up by blow drying hair with a round brush for a piecy finish with tons of texture and movement. Want even more movement? Finish your style with one last spritz to refresh the aroma and add another layer of texture. (Works really well for all hair textures and hair types, especially those with finer, straighter hair.)

Perfectly Undone Curls: On damp hair, spritz Texture Tonic all over, along with your favorite thermal protectant. Follow up by blow drying hair with a paddle brush. Don’t worry about creating too much shape or smoothing out too much frizz at this point, all we really want to worry about is getting the hair nice and dry. Once your hair is completely dry, take your favorite curling wand or curling iron and create curls alternating directions in each section. Remember, curls around your face look more modern and loose if they are curled away from the face, curl towards your face for a retro inspired look. Try pulling the ends a little straighter with the iron for an even more diffused look. Once all of your hair is curled, lightly spritz on Texture Tonic all over, taking care not to use too much. Once the product is applied, take your hair in your hands and gently squeeze the product into the hair. Break up the curls with your fingers to keep the curls looking more undone, or brush them out with a paddle brush for a softer effect. (Works amazingly well on all hair types!)

Well, there you have it, my #1 product for a stress free and stylish summer. Stop in and pick up a bottle of Texture Tonic and get your summer style off to a bright start.


Stephanie Symes,

Master Stylist